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Skills Bootcamps are Government funded practical training courses delivered at no-cost to learners, leading to a job interview and hopefully a successful job placement.

HGV Skills Bootcamp

The HGV Skills Bootcamp offers fully-funded training for a limited number of candidates in the HGV driving sector that will lead to job opportunities.

Eligible learners are:

  • Unemployed for less than one year
  • Employed but are looking to move into a new jobs as an HGV driver
  • Self-employed and want to supplement their income potential by working as a driver alongside their trade
  • Prisoners able to work on day-release
  • Employees, supported by their current employer on a pathway to progress their career with the same employer – for example warehouse to wheels. (employers pay a 30% contribution towards the training cost)

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Our courses are designed to be flexible, so that a learner can either attend a block Bootcamp (typically 2 to 3 weeks) or alternatively on a part-time basis (such as one day a week over 16 weeks) to fit around other commitments.

Each Bootcamp consists not only of HGV driving lessons and up-to two attempts at the test, but, if applicable to the learners needs – theory test, Module 4, medical, Driver CPC, tacho card and a range of practical live workshops including manoeuvring, safe loading, pallet truck, manual handling, tail-lift, daily vehicle checks and drivers hours.

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As well as the Government’s requirements, we also have our own list of criteria for you to be eligible to come onto this course. This criteria includes:

  • If you have a CAT C licence already and wish to get your C+E licence you need to have used your licence recently and ideally have more than 3 months commercial experience as a CAT C driver.
  • We will not accept people with any of the following driving offences, whether expired or not:
    - TT99, DR10, DR20, DR30, DR40, DR50, DR60, DR70, DR80, DR90, DD40, DD60, DD80, DD90,
  • Ideally Novice learners (only CAT B or D licence) who wish to get their C+E licence will have significant experience driving a vehicle larger than a car for an extended period of time.
  • Anyone with more than 6 points, regardless of cause, will not be allowed onto course.

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