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The Directors of Mainstream Training are determined to develop a culture of continual improvement, through its people, customers, stakeholders, and suppliers by ensuring compliance with its legal duties.

We will achieve this policy by reviewing issues raised from both internal and external sources.

These issues could be externally driven, such as, legal, technological, competitive, market, cultural, social and economic environments for all areas, or internal, by values, culture, knowledge and performance of the organisation.




We are committed to achieving consistently high standards of service and we firmly believe that quality improvements can best be achieved on the firm foundation of a quality system.  It is therefore our intention:

  1. To operate our business in accordance with quality management practices and thus be able to ensure, obtain the standard of service specified and, where possible, that their needs and expectations are exceeded.
  2. To nominate certain staff and charge them with the continuous examination and improvement of our system in consultation with employees, partners, designers, subcontractors, suppliers and other stakeholders, as applicable.
  3. To comply as a minimum with all contractual and other requirements.
  4. To ensure that adequate resources are made available in all areas.
  5. To charge senior management with the task of establishing and reviewing policy, objectives and targets on a regular basis.
  6. To provide appropriate training to ensure that all employees develop an understanding of the importance of quality in their work, to accept the need to employ only those working practices which will assure the required standard of quality and to raise the overall competency levels of the workforce.
  7. To ensure a timely response to complaints from stakeholders.
  8. To bring the contents of this policy to the attention of all employees and make it available, when requested, to interested parties.


In order to achieve this policy, the company links to the following behaviours:




1.         Team Concept


Everybody considers themselves part of a team which as a company delivers service to our customers.


Each team member has different attributes and the recognition and use of these individual skills make us stronger as a team.


2.         Clear Responsibilities and Goals


Managers ensure that each team member has a clear understanding of both his/her personal and company responsibilities and goals, and that these are agreed and accepted.


Each team member has a clear, concise and agreed Job Description outlining the above and this is used to monitor performance.


3.         Commercial Awareness


Every person clearly understands that the company's future is based entirely upon its commercial success. 

Each team member knows how we are performing financially and how competitive the market is in which we operate.


4.         Good Communication


Every person communicates regularly and freely with his or her fellow team members.


Each team member knows that during meetings and informal discussions actions are agreed and must be monitored through to completion.


5.         Devotion to Quality


Each person is devoted to the delivery of quality in their work in accordance with these principles.


Each team member knows that our job is to get things ‘right first time’ in delivering a service to our Customers.


6.         Finding Problems and Solving Them


During the execution of their daily tasks, everyone actively seeks to solve problems that would cause the quality of our services to be diminished.


Each team member is aware that if one person fails we all fail. If we see something is wrong we must take action either by reporting the problem or taking action some action to solve it themselves.

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