• Lorry Mounted Lift Truck Novice

This course is for those who have not been formally trained or have little to no experience in operating a Lorry Mounted Lift Truck. On completion of the course, trainees will have attained a level of operating skill, which will comply with standard laid down accordance with the HSE code of practise L117.

The duration will be between 3 – 5 days depending on the number of candidates on the course.

Our 1 day Experienced Operator course, is for those who have at least one years’ worth of continual experience operating a lorry Mounted Lift Truck. You will be asked to provide a letter from your current/previous employer to verify your experience.

Our 1 day Refresher course, is for those who currently hold valid Lorry Mounted Lift Truck operator certification.

£241.67 + £48.33 VAT (£290 Total)

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