Partnership Opportunities

Digital Marketing Partner

Mainstream is managing a project part funded by the ESF which is targeted towards delivering training to employees in entry level jobs throughout the South East LEP (SELEP) region. As part of this project we wish to appoint a marketing agent to manage a social media and email campaign to promote the project to SME employers throughout the SELEP region. The project offers six training pathways; LGV class 1 driver training, LGV class 2 driver training,  Forklift truck training, social care training, Streetworks (construction road worker) training and general life skills workshops.

The project will run between April 2021 and September 2023. The maximum budget for the management of the marketing campaign is £25,000. We envisage that we will pay for paid advertising and consumables such as Google Adwords and printed materials directly.

As part of the advertising campaign the marketing agent will be required to;

  1. Carry out a full review of Mainstream’s existing social media platforms to ensure that they are suitable for the successful running of the campaign. You will be provided with access to these platforms so that you have full management of the campaigns you propose. We are open to you making changes to, adding for or deleting our existing platforms.
  2. Carry out a full review of Mainstream’s existing website, which is in Word Press and is hosted by our IT support contractors, to ensure that it is suitable to support your proposed email and social media campaign. You will be permitted to add landing pages and content to our website, any such changes should be included within your proposal and any associated costs included within your price.
  3. Design, implement and fully manage an intensive social media and email marketing campaign designed to reach SME employers throughout the SELEP region. You will be expected to draft (for our approval) all content which should be professionally presented and engaging. Your campaign should include the comprehensive and regular reporting of results to us and a contingency plan to deal with any underperformance. The target success rate is to attract 4,500 participants to the project between April 21 and September 23.A participant is an employee who is mandated by their employer to attend one of our training pathways. It is likely that a single employer may provide more than one participant. The success rate needs to be reasonably level throughout the project line so your proposal will need to demonstrate how this will be achieved.
  4. Provide a comprehensive and targeted advice as to the sourcing of a contacts database of SME employers throughout the SELEP region.
  5. Engage with other project stakeholders such as local chambers of commerce, SELEP and trade bodies to encourage and promote marketing of the project through their channels (websites, social media, etc).
  6. Design a full colour, A3 folded to a 4 page A5 size, leaflet for each of the 6 training pathways. This will need to be delivered by 1st April.
  7. Design 6 different pull up roller banners. These will need to be delivered by 1st April.

Your proposal should clearly detail the following;

  • How you propose to meet the requirements of (a) to (g) above.
  • Your price for design of the leaflets and roller banners.
  • Your price for any initial setup or preparatory work (planning, design, web site changes, platform changes) in relation to the social media campaign, together with target date for completion of this phase.
  • Your price for managing the social media campaign throughout the life of the project. You should clearly explain the proposed intensity and the timing schedule (for each platform) for the campaign over the project life as well as the rationale for the methods you are proposing. You will be expected to provide all software, hardware and equipment required for the delivery of your proposed campaign.
  • Detail separately your assumptions as to our required direct expenditure on paid marketing, databases, such as Google AdWords, contact databases, MailChimp.
  • Where you price includes a reserve element, for example for an intensity boost, should results not be achieved, please make this clear.
  • Although not compulsory, we would welcome an innovative approach to pricing which includes an element dependent upon successful outcomes.

Please provide an overview of your company resource in terms of resources, staffing, staff specialisms and your past experience of managing similar projects of this nature. Please provide two trade references from whom you have obtained prior consent that we may contact them by telephone and/or email.

If you wish to discuss this opportunity then please email and we will happily discuss the opportunity in detail with you and answer any questions you may have.

Expressions of interest should be emailed to the above email address no later than 12 noon on 1st Match. Your proposal should be emailed to the same address no later than 12 noon on 8th March. The winning bidder will be chosen based on price, value for money and quality of proposal in terms of demonstrable experience and depth of  content.


What our customers say

Recently undertaken CPC training with Mainstream. I have got to say that the staff were absolutely superb ensuring that the whole experience was not only delivered in a way which was engaging and informative but actually very enjoyable too. Thank you very much to the trainers. There is some subject matter which can in my opinion be very difficult to make exciting but Mainstream delivered on all levels.

I did a forklift, warehouse and storage course at Mainstream Group, I loved it! All the instructors were very supportive throughout the course and I gained a very useful Level 2 NVQ award in Forklift trucks operations. Would recommend to anybody looking for training.

I had the most amazing 3 weeks with Mainstream. First two weeks I learnt so much with NVQs in health and safety and warehousing/picking goods, then the third week I was learning to drive a 18tonne truck, by that Friday I had passed with 2 minors.