Pathway #7

Life Skills

Enable progression with our Life Skills pathway; develop
the skills of new members of staff through our personal
development workshops.

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    Managing Mental Health

    Helping participants manage mental health in and around the workplace; educating ourselves about mental health allows us to work better as a team and as an individual. Learning how to identify the common and specific signs for all the mental health categories. Participants will come away feeling empowered and equipped to support themselves and those around them.

    Resilience - coping with pressure and stress

    Helping participants understand the effect of stress on our brain and body and therefore how to remain resilient even under pressure. Exploring many different tools to build resilience whilst encouraging personal growth and offering a holistic, sustainable approach to well-being in the workplace.

    Making Informed Decisions

    Uplifting, interactive and aspirational workshop designed to improve soft skills, with a particular focus on communication, decision-making, critical thinking skills, raising confidence and aspirations along with developing a positive mental attitude.

    Mind Mapping

    Understand and explore this powerful brain –the friendly tool that has many uses in the workplace. This engaging and inspiring workshop shows how to use keywords, dual-coding and association to increase understanding and recall. You will be amazed by how effectively you can learn, create and plan using this exciting tool.

    Goal Mapping

    Empowers participants to set and achieve goals in the workplace. It teaches a practical and enjoyable method of organising thoughts, identifying ambitions and setting goals that are high enough to excite and realistic enough to achieve.