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Funded Training Courses For Work Seekers

Mainstream is offering a range of free two-week courses, supported by local job centres and relevant providers. Leading to accredited qualifications.
We teach you skills that will be valuable to local employers and help you back into work.

Our courses combine both Theory and Practical Skills, giving you both the knowledge and hands on skills required to succeed in your chosen career.  

Courses we offer

Speak to your Job Centre Work Coach or Employment Advisor about which course you would like to attend.   Your Work Coach or Employment Advisor will then refer you to one of our Learner Engagement Advisors who will talk you through each of our courses, ensuring you are on the right path for your chosen career.  You will then be ready to enroll and start your learning journey.

Highways Maintenance

Highways Maintenance

Love the idea of working outdoors to keep our road network in good shape? This course will give you hands on skills in the location and avoidance of underground services, sign, traffic lighting and guarding and excavation in the highway.

Forklift and Warehouse

Forklift and Warehouse

Keeping the UK supplied with food, medicine and other goods is a really key job – and needs more skilled, savvy operatives.  This course will give you the key skills needed to work in a Warehouse environment along with Forklift Truck certification

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